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We are looking for global partners and committed employees.

Our goal is to be in every country. To produce products for every culture – continent and market. People who share this passion can apply for partnership / franchise in your country.

If you want to help us grow our network and learn about global trading. Apply for one of these great opportunities and we will be back with you shortly…

Shenzhen, China

Purchasing Manager

Hong Kong

Legal Manager

Lucknow, India

Software Developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sales Accountmanager

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Your are ready to start your own business and would like a valuable partner in Asia for arrangements of your services in your home country.

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Sourcing Asia operates globally and has been specialised in consumer goods , industrial goods & maritime goods.

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Find all information you need to become a licensed agent of Sourcing Asia in your market. If any further questions please contact our Hong Kong HQ for more info.

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